Biography and C.V.

Lauren Moss

Born in Tyler, TX

Lives & works in Sewickley, PA


Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, Lauren Moss has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of  engaged interdisciplinary projects for over a decade. She has had natural sculptural installations placed at The University of Texas at Tyler, along with several works in printmaking and collage, added to the Collections at the University of Texas at Tyler.  Moss obtained her BFA in Art History from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2005.  In 2006, Moss married her high school sweetheart and in 2009, they welcomed their daughter into the world.  She moved to the lovely area of Sewickley, PA in the Summer of 2015.  Moss has had exhibitions in Austin, Texas; Brooklyn, New York; Hudson, New York; Bastrop, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Sacramento, California; Seattle, Washington; Maine; Traverse City, Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania.




University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, Texas

B.F.A in Art History                                                                                        2005

Areas of Concentration:  Art History of the 18th and 19th Century

Minor: Psychology and Spanish

B.F.A. Thesis: “Virgo Lactans and Cultural Borrowing"


Mix and Match         UT Tyler                               Fall 2005

Clichéd                      Sketchbook Project            Fall/Winter 2011

Pictures & Descp     S. P. V.1 (Publication)         Winter '11/Spring '12

Create & Capture    S. P. V. IV L. ED Page 64     Fall 2012

Catharsis                   Sketchbook Project            Spring 2014

Flightless                   Omni Art House                  Spring 2014

Quoth Poe Nevermore    Omni Art House          Spring 2014

Natural Sculptural Installations

       Spirallis                              UT Tyler        Fall 2003

       Wind Dancer                     UT Tyler         Fall 2003

       City of Yah                         UT Tyler         Fall 2003

       Serpent's Tongue              UTTyler          Fall 2004

       Spirallis Rises                    UT Tyler         Fall 2004

       Entangled                          UT Tyler         Fall 2005


Black Lung                 Collage         Series of 9           Fall 2005     

Caduceus E.                Printmaking   Series of 11      Sum/Fall 2011 

Duke the Colors         Book arts        Series of 5        Fall 2011     

Catharsis                    Mixed Media  Series of 25       Spr. ‘13-2018   

Cathanimal                Mixed Media   Series of 25       Spr. ‘14-2018

Mountainous             Watercolor      Larger Series   Fall ‘15-Pres.

Birds                            Watercolor     Larger Series    Fall '16-Pres.

Ocean Life                  Watercolor      Larger Series   Fall '16- Pres.

Agatized/Crystallized     Resin Mixed Media  Larger Series   Sum 2018



Things Found Series          Photography                                                                           Spring 2012

Raw Artist Showcase         Drawing/ Mixed Media                                                Fall 2013

EAST Austin Studio Tour   Romani Gallery                                                                            Fall 2013

Raw Showcase- D.H.         Mixed Media                                                                             Winter 2013

Pancakes and Booze         Drawing/Mixed Media                                               Winter 2013

Small Works @ Limner      Drawing/Mixed Media                                                              Jan-Feb 2014

OmniArtHouse                  Mixed Media                                                                          Mar 2014-2015

OmniArtHouse                  Mixed Media                                                                           May 2014-2015

Urban Underground      Drawing/Mixed Media                                                              June - July 2014

BFAG Member Gallery   Drawing/Mixed Media                                                               July-Sept 2014

Axis 9th                          Drawing/Mixed Media                                                                   August 2014

Inside Out                      Drawing/Mixed Media                                                                  Sept-Oct 2014

Women Artists               Drawing/Mixed Media                                                                  Sept-Oct 2014

BFAG Member Gallery   Drawing/Mixed Media                                                                 Oct- Dec 2014

BFAG Member Gallery   Photography                                                                                Jan- Mar 2015

Fusion Art Online          Abstract Painting                                                                         November 2015

AHHHH Monsters          Sketchbook Project                                                                         January 2016

Fusion Art Online          Photography                                                                                    February 2016

Karas Art Brokerage      Watercolor                                                                                March 2016- 2018

T.C. Higher Exhibition     Watercolor                                                                                        July 2016

Art Rapids En Plein AIR     Watercolor   July 2016

Gallery 311   Gardens and Flowers    Watercolor   June 2017

Art Rapids  Experience Art Rapids    Watercolor   July 2017

Art Rapids  Experience Art Rapids    Watercolor  June 2018


Awards and Rankings

        Selfie- Sprint Competition              Photography                Summer 2013           94th/777           USA

        Color- Sprint Competition               Photography                                           Fall 2013               114th/1019           INT

        Traces- Sprint Competition             Photography               

               Spring 2014             74th/1800           INT

        Time- Last Sprint Competition        Photography                Summer 2014          42nd/1824          INT

                                               17th/891            USA       

        Director's Highlight Artist               Mixed Media                                            Fall 2013-Fall 2014   RAW ARTISTS       USA       

        Heat Theme- Art Ascent                  Watercolor                

                  Spring 2016          Bronze Winner     INT

         Studio Visit Magazine                       Watercolor

                  Winter 201               1/ 300                 USA

Publications and Papers

 Artist Spotlight      Central Texas Artisans and Crafts Emporium                                               Dec.2011

 Lauren Moss: Mixed Media 

Inspir.& Originality Underlined    Dec.2013

Lauren Moss          Super RAd Collective Zine Vol.1                                                               Summer/Fall 2014

HEAT THEME          Art Ascent    Magazine                                                                                                    April 2016

EA&D          Emerging Art and Design Vol.1                              

                                                 June 2016

Studio Visit Magazine        Winter 2016